Virginia Miranda

Virginia Miranda


Virginia has entered a number of competitions including, Raspberry & Vine, Tom Howard and the ‘One Book Many Brisbane’s’ for which her works were highly commended on a number of occasions.

Published works in the Brisbane State High School Year book, Brisbane Courier Mail, ‘Me’ magazine, Albert & Logan News, Sea Spray, and the Official Journal of the Air Sea Rescue Association of Qld.

In 2016 Virginia published her first book, Flash Fiction Volume 1. Her eagerly awaited second book, Flash Fiction Volume 2, was published in late 2017.

Virginia is currently a member of Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre, The Brisbane Writers Centre, The Society of Women Writers, The Fellowship of Australian Writers Qld and a The Alliance of Independent Authors.


Sacred France: The Beginning

Secrets of the Cathars & Mysteries of the Magdalene Tour June 2015   October 2014 and a friend mentions a book, ‘The Book of Love.’ This book is an ancient tome hidden somewhere in a small Tuscan village, a gospel according to Jesus Christ. History and reading, my two loves…I jump on the Internet and […]

Our African Sojourn: Sabi Sands

Sabi Sands Game Reserve Flying from Cape Town we arrived in Skukuza Airport at 12:30 pm. Skukuza is in Sabi Sands Game Reserve, Kruger Park. We were staying at Dulini Lodge for the next four days. Skukuza airport was recently reopened after extensive renovations. With beautiful timber floors and ceiling, the terminal is a […]

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The Goddess Flora

Her colour and her beauty left me breathless.  She was passionate, an artist, a poet, a sculptor. People came to see and hear her…to experience a night a day a week and bathe in her strength, her fearlessness and her spirit. At the birth of the Renaissance she was infused with intention, emotion and knowledge. […]


The time had come for her to tell her story…to debunk the lies of the last four hundred and eight-two years. This would be the truth, told by a woman of her choosing.   Her story would not be hurried.   Little by little she would divulge clues, some in the most unlikely places. They […]

The Druid’s Stone

The weather is cold and harsh, here, in the paddock. The winds blow constantly…south-westerlies from the North Atlantic. The rain falls heavy, hardening my body to cold granite.   A thousand years ago, we stood as one. We weathered the storms, the lashings of rain, sleet and snow…we offered protection to the druids…a place for […]


Lightning flashed, zigzagging across clouded skies. Seconds later thunder cracked and sizzled.  The house trembled. I sat on the verandah watching the storm’s approach…a glass of red in my hand. The rain arrived, hammering the corrugated iron roof. Water rushed from the gutters and flowed down the garden paths. I stayed there all night, unable […]

An Amber Alert

Come away, O human child To the waters and the wild With a faery, hand in hand For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.   WB Yeats   I heard running…a door open…a door slam; slam so hard my small wooden home shook. I waited…silence…an eerie deathly silence. I walked towards […]

An Authentic Writer

‘Good advice is like a tight glove; it fits some circumstances and it does not fit others.’   ‘Israel? Do you have a death wish?’ I tried explaining. ‘My story must be authentic…have feeling, be believable. It’s a writer’s golden rule.’ She didn’t get it. She offered advice, wanted or unwanted. ‘My advice, stay at […]

Pay It Forward

‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.’   They shared a park bench. He smiled…said hello…silence. He searched his pockets…found some coins, slid up the bench. ‘Is this enough for a smile?’ Three gold coins lay in his palm. She looked up, her lips pulled tight ready to spew forth a litany of […]

The Braggart

‘When I toss pebbles in a puddle, she throws boulders in the ocean!’   I say I visited Rome. She says, ‘I met with the Pope.’ I say…we stayed in Florence…near Rialto Bridge. She says, I stayed in a villa with a chef, housekeeper, views across the Tuscan hills. I ask, ‘What do you know […]

The Bride’s Choice

Outside a kookaburra laughed heartily. Today was her day. She recalled his proposal. Sweet and beautiful…they were meant for each other. Her dress hung on the door…lace and satin…her dream dress. She spent the morning perfecting her makeup. Finished, she felt that special glow of all brides. Time to dress…something new…la perla underwear, something blue…a […]

The Discarded Bouquet

Flowers lay scattered across the lawn. The tulips face up, mouths open, like fish out of water. Inside the church, silence reined. The bridegroom reached for the maid of honour. Facing the congregation, he said, ‘True love can never be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly […]