Virginia Miranda

Virginia Miranda


Virginia has entered a number of competitions including, Raspberry & Vine, Tom Howard and the ‘One Book Many Brisbane’s’ for which her works were highly commended on a number of occasions.

Published works in the Brisbane State High School Year book, Brisbane Courier Mail, ‘Me’ magazine, Albert & Logan News, Sea Spray, and the Official Journal of the Air Sea Rescue Association of Qld.

In 2016 Virginia published her first book, Flash Fiction Volume 1. Her eagerly awaited second book, Flash Fiction Volume 2, was published in late 2017.

Virginia is currently a member of Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre, The Brisbane Writers Centre, The Society of Women Writers, The Fellowship of Australian Writers Qld and a The Alliance of Independent Authors.


Sacred France: The Beginning

Secrets of the Cathars & Mysteries of the Magdalene Tour June 2015   October 2014 and a friend mentions a book, ‘The Book of Love.’ This book is an ancient tome hidden somewhere in a small Tuscan village, a gospel according to Jesus Christ. History and reading, my two loves…I jump on the Internet and […]

Our African Sojourn: Sabi Sands

Sabi Sands Game Reserve Flying from Cape Town we arrived in Skukuza Airport at 12:30 pm. Skukuza is in Sabi Sands Game Reserve, Kruger Park. We were staying at Dulini Lodge for the next four days. Skukuza airport was recently reopened after extensive renovations. With beautiful timber floors and ceiling, the terminal is a […]

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Purnululu National Park

The land speaks. It is our duty to listen. Our flight takes us east from Broome to Kununurra. Kununurra, established in 1961 to service the Ord River Scheme, is situated in the far north East Kimberley region of Western Australia. Kununurra is the English pronunciation of Goonoonoorrang the Miriwoong word for river. We are about […]

Kimberley Wilderness

Clouds like spun cotton float above the land on an updraft of hot steamy air. The land below is flat grasslands. Ochre coloured roads scar the surface as they crisscross, coming from nowhere and heading nowhere. Time passes in a haze of wonder. We leave the grasslands behind. Below is a landscape of sparsely covered […]

This Day

The boys were fighting again, taunting one another in the back seat. She went to yell but couldn’t find the energy. Defeated, depleted…she thought what did it matter, they didn’t listen. Last time this happened she was in a drive through, getting a quick snack for them. She was always doing things for them. Their […]

Magic Orbs

She scurried back to the bus as the rain began to fall. All day they’d been dodging rain showers…at Glencar waterfall, where legend tells Grainne O’Malley once bathed and here in the Hazelwood forest. Secretly she wished the bus would break down. She didn’t want to leave. She wanted to sit by the lake close […]

My Nest

I have made a nest…big fluffy feather pillows, white crisp sheets, light downy quilt on a bed of clouds. Picture books, reading books, my writing pad, surround me— a cup of hot chocolate on my bedside.   Here beside the water, the silence fills me with contentment and harmony. I tune my ears in, and […]

My Landscape

How does one define the landscape when the ocean is their all-encompassing view?   Today the waves dance like a gypsy dancer, swaying, tilting and rolling. Occasionally white water breaks on the surface. Where does the white water come from? Is it the wind agitating the waves? Is it the ship, cutting a path on […]

Life’s Moments

It is inconceivable that a place, a time, an event, a piece of music which fills us with transformational emotions, that lift us to a higher place, that leave us in wonder and awe, does not correspond to some definitive spiritual reality.   These moments in our life that feel more exalted, purer and truer, […]

Les Chaussures

The shop was perfect…small and intimate. The plaque at the entrance to the arcade, was dated 1924. Polished timber floors, lead light windows facing the arcade’s terrazzo floor; decorative floral mouldings on the pilasters…I was in antique heaven.   I breathed in the smell of original timbers, and something else…old books. This had been an […]


She sits slumped against the window of her castle tower. Loose strands of golden locks frame her face. Her eyes, transparent blue, stare towards the horizon. What were once green fields, now covered in a thick blanket of snow.   She watches a jack rabbit skitter from tree to tree. Her heart aches for the […]

The Greatest Game of All

Months passed uneventful. A tiresome replay of yesterday and tomorrow. A twenty-first century ground hog day. The scorching humid months saw air-conditioning used to excess, pools over used, ocean and beaches over crowded.   Then like a miracle the day arrived. There was movement at the grounds. The giant cauldrons clamoured with the sounds of […]