Novella in Flash

If you ask an artist who creates crazy quilts how they come up with their designs, that artist will likely tell you that each finished project originates from an emotional place. Each quilt is different because it is made of many found scraps and pieces of cloth in different sizes with no regular color or pattern—the sleeves of an old work shirt, perhaps, or the skirt of a wedding dress.

Similarly, the writing of a novella-in-flash involves working with flash fiction fragments and stories by linking them together to form a layered, narrative arc. Working in both art forms demands an improvisational spirit regarding the creation of both content and structure. A novella-in-flash writer and a crazy quilt artist both become familiar with navigating incompletion and juxtaposition.

  • Laurel Doves By Sharon Collins

    Chapter 1 (prompt – NEST) The novices were as prickly as their newly shorn heads. The scabs forming on their scalps, echoed those on their broken hearts. Isolated in the misery of memory, silent tears welled as six faces searched the failing light. While mourning doves cooed under the eaves, and the chapel bells sounded

  • Evolution

    By Sharon Collins Chapter1 – (prompt – FLESH) Standing on the edge of Judgement, for that is what this cliff-edge is called, her prehensile toes curl over the rim. Her body fights exhaustion while her brain, uncomfortably large in its sloping brain-case, fights frustration. For countless generations this cliff-edge has been where guilt is decided

  • Atlantis Lost

    Atlantis Lost – A Novella in Flash (AKA FlashNovel) By Sharon Collins Chapter 1 (Prompt – NIGHTMARE) “Awake!” commanded the voice that never slept even when the others did.. “Awake! Awake! Awake!” It shouted dragging all the other voices into consciousness . Immediately they took up the clamor, “Your prophecies are true. To your duty,