Stories by Sharon

Born in Orlando, Florida, I have been on the go since the tender age of six months. That first long car trip back home to Central New York, to the very plot of land my family has owned for 250 years, instilled in me a love of journeying. This abiding desire to seek new horizons has shaped my life. I have walked upon The Great Wall, welcomed dawn from within Stonehenge’s great circle, danced the labyrinth of Chartres, peered through the mists on Fuji, and called the mists atop the Glastonbury Tor. I have thrilled to the ancient voices of Stromboli, Kilauea, and the Mendenhall Glacier. The list goes on and on. When I cannot actually board a plane, train, or put an automobile in gear, I go on journeys in my imagination. I especially love to time-travel to times ancient and unknown. These trips to far away spaces and times fuel my writing, especially my flash fiction.

An English Language Arts teacher for 33+ years, I have had the privilege of sharing the adventure of creative expression with countless young adults and credit my current fascination with flash fiction (stories of no more than 500 words) to their inspiration. I imagine them reading one of my efforts instead of the other way around. The thought of all those critical eyes spurs me on and keeps me honest. Thanks to the urging of my talented friend Virginia Miranda, host of Inkblurb, I currently manage two “Brick and Mortar” Flash Fiction groups at the Little Falls (NY) Public Library. The ‘Tween Group and the Adult group have been meeting every Wednesday since February 2017 to share our flash fiction. The stories are collected in individual binders available to the library patrons and are also posted to the Little Falls Library’s website ( under the heading Programs). In the Summer of 2018 our group’s Flash Fiction stories were “mined” to provide the talent used to create FlashCasts (podcasts of Flash Fiction stories) a first as far as I know. The FlashCasts are available every other Tuesday on iTunes and Spreaker:



In addition to stand alone flash fiction tales, I currently have several FlashNovels or Novellas in Flash underway. Atlantis Lost tells the fateful tale of Ankara, Keeper of the Crystals. Laurel Doves follows the trail of six daughters of The Blood after the tragic fall of Montsegur in 1244. Evolution brings to life the enduring partnership of Yysha (early human female) and Sister her white wolf. In addition I have recently begun In the Heart of Normandie a thread dedicated to a brave unknown soldier lost on D-Day.