Virginia Miranda

Virginia Miranda


Virginia has entered a number of competitions including, Raspberry & Vine, Tom Howard and the ‘One Book Many Brisbane’s’ for which her works were highly commended on a number of occasions.

Published works in the Brisbane State High School Year book, Brisbane Courier Mail, ‘Me’ magazine, Albert & Logan News, Sea Spray, and the Official Journal of the Air Sea Rescue Association of Qld.

In 2016 Virginia published her first book, Flash Fiction Volume 1. Her eagerly awaited second book, Flash Fiction Volume 2, was published in late 2017.

Virginia is currently a member of Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre, The Brisbane Writers Centre, The Society of Women Writers, The Fellowship of Australian Writers Qld and a The Alliance of Independent Authors.


Sacred France: The Beginning

Secrets of the Cathars & Mysteries of the Magdalene Tour June 2015   October 2014 and a friend mentions a book, ‘The Book of Love.’ This book is an ancient tome hidden somewhere in a small Tuscan village, a gospel according to Jesus Christ. History and reading, my two loves…I jump on the Internet and […]

Our African Sojourn: Sabi Sands

Sabi Sands Game Reserve Flying from Cape Town we arrived in Skukuza Airport at 12:30 pm. Skukuza is in Sabi Sands Game Reserve, Kruger Park. We were staying at Dulini Lodge for the next four days. Skukuza airport was recently reopened after extensive renovations. With beautiful timber floors and ceiling, the terminal is a […]

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The Diet Chronicles

Kingdom of the Weight Loss Fraud Diets, we’ve all been there, some to increase our weight, but most, to reduce those unwanted kilos. Am I just a puppet dancing the weight loss zumba like so many others; jumping on and off the ever circling merry go round called, dieting. Am I ultimately damaging my body, […]

The Dominance of the Family Business

‘How do you do it?’  This is the question most often asked of my husband and me, and now in more recent times, of our sons.  It seems a rhetorical question after 26 years of working together and sharing an office, but it appears people are interested in how we can spend, largely, all day […]

The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway

‘IT SCREAMED DOWNWARD, splitting air and sky without effort. A target expanded in size, brought into focus by time and velocity. There was a moment before impact that was the last instant of things as they were. Then the visible world exploded.’ The opening to Steven Galloway’s third book, The Cellist of Sarajevo is a […]

Just How Thick is Blood

A brief synopsis The play is about a family of three grown children and their mother. Their father has just passed away aged 90. The son, Peter and the youngest daughter, Grace, had been estranged from their father for a number of years. The middle daughter, Angela, had been staying with her father for the […]

Christmas in Nymboida

Once upon a time in a small village called Nymboida there lived two children, Dorothea Rosebery and Herbert Jethro. Dorothea and Herbert’s parents owned the local store selling groceries and petrol. All the families in the district came to their shop, for it was the only one in the area. Nymboida was in the middle […]

Coochie Chronicles

It was Christmas break. Michael and Emmanuel were off to spend a couple of days camping and fishing on Coochiemudlo Island. With Michael’s two metre aluminium dingy and 10hp motor they would explore the island and its surrounds. ‘Time to leave boys.’ ‘Ok Dad, gear’s in the boat.’ ‘See ya Mum.’ ‘Bye Mrs James.’ ‘Take […]

Nature’s Masterpiece

The Kimberley, wild, remote, untamed, unpeopled, a myriad of colours abounding with wildlife to take your breath away.  The largely untouched billion year old landscape harbours some of the oldest forms of art known to man; ancient Aboriginal art sites and the infamous Bradshaw Paintings. Our trip along the Kimberley Coast began with a flight […]

Tales of Yarrahapinni

‘Walala!’ called Kuddtji. Walala stood before his tribe; his only clothing a bark belt from which hung his axe and club. He carried his spear. ‘Yes Father.’ ‘You will leave here before the sun’s glow has lit the eastern sky.’ ‘Yes Father.’ ‘Do not return until you have food to feed your family.’ ‘Yes Father.’ […]