Oh, hummingbird

Mankind was waiting for you to come flying along,

Heavenly songbird

We were so wrong; we’ve harmed you,

Oh, hummingbird…

Seals & Croft


He heard her coming…her wings beating to a hum…she hovered mid-air… chirping in distress.


Standing beside his machine he gently held up his hat…her distress abated. He walked from his newly built road into the forest. She flew beside his shoulder, her simple chirp taken as conversation.


‘Yes,’ he said, they’re safe. You’re lucky I have keen eyes.’

She chirped acknowledgement of his words.

He heaved himself up the tree and placed the nest within the ‘Y’.

‘Homeless no more,’ he said and bowed to the tiny bird.

Back on the road he climbed into his giant steel machine.

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