Kill them All

People say ‘it’s relative’. Do we know what that means? Relative to what? Relative to our situation. Relative to where we live. Relative to where we travel. Relative to our faith, our upbringing.


Is fear relative?


The media announces…we are strong. Politicians tell us to be strong. Don’t let the bastards scare us. Great words, but how many of us are held in a vice grip of fear.


How many chances does one get in a lifetime? Four close misses in fifteen years….days, weeks, a relatively small distance. These are the known ones. What of the unusual occurrences observed in the streets of London, in a church in France, on a mountain in the South of France. Will the stars align one day?


But as Susan Jeffers famous book of 1987says, ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’. We will not be cowered. We will continue to travel, go to concerts, walk the streets, sit on the beach, love life and live life.


Still the question lingers in our minds, how much more do we have to endure before we stand up and fight?


The reality is this; terrorism has been rampant in this world since mankind first stood up and walked. How many cultures, tribes, religions have been annihilated, written out of history? How many have been decimated only to rise again?


Oliver Cromwell instigated ethnic cleansing of the Irish in the 1600’s. For centuries Jews have suffered religious persecution at the hands of the Spanish, English, French and Germans. Cathars were burnt in great pyres as heretics, by the French. The English bought and sold native Africans like they were a commodity.


‘Kill them all for God will know his own,’ words spoken by a Papal legate at the massacre of 20000 citizens of Beziers.


I could continue. Every nation has committed or endured ethnic cleansing of some kind.


People have lived in fear for millenniums. The 21st Century fear is not new. People practiced their faith in utmost secrecy, inside caves, in the homes of sympathizers, in fields hidden behind stone circles or deep in forests where only the birds heard their chanting.


The Romans destroyed the Druids of Gaul and Britain, slashing and burning them out of the history books.  Why, because they feared them. How did this affect the world? We lost our connection to nature and the earth.


Now you ask, what is my twist, my story?


To use a phrase from a much-loved author, ‘The Time Returns’.


There is a quiet revolution happening, a movement towards reconnecting with earth. We remove our shoes; feel her pulse beneath our feet. We walk amongst ancient standing stones and wonder at their beauty and power. We feel the telluric currents connecting these ancient pagan sites across the land.


Together we spread a message of peace and harmony, ensuring life is relative to living.


But will the people see ‘The Time Returns’ or will they remain frozen in fear, thinking, ‘The Time Will Come’?

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