The Game

Rain battered the tin roof filling the gutters in seconds. Sheets of water flowed on to the verandah.

She sat up in bed, her Ipad open to ‘Words with Friends’. A message dropped from the top of the screen. What’s happening?

She changed games and wrote…Nothing, it’s his turn.

Another message, it read…Your move with Morris E.

She flicked back.

Knife…A score of twenty-four and now he was in front. There was a message.

Let’s see what you have.

She looked at her letters. She needed something big. Filmed…this would give her thirty-six on a double word and triple letter.

Take that…she wrote.

She jumped back to her friend and relayed the message and words played.

Ugh, you need to resign this game. This guy is weird, throat, die, cut now knife.

It’s just a game. Although this is the first time I’ve played someone at random. But he doesn’t know who I am or where I am.

Your move with Morris E…popped on the screen.

He’s playing again…I’ll be back.

Blood…He had used her ‘l’ for a total of eleven. She was still in front. There was a message.

Where in the world do you live?


Wow. I’m in Dallas Texas. Such a long way away. Where in Australia?

Brisbane Queensland.

She looked at her letters, nothing much. She played…moist…using his second ‘o’ in blood for a score of ten.

There was a message from her friend. She clicked over to their game.

You can’t keep me in limbo, what word did he play.

Blood and I played moist.

Eww! Delete the game.

You’re such a scaredy-cat. He lives in the USA.

Did you tell him where you live?


Don’t give him your address?

He’s played again. Be right back.

He added…ure…to her moist for… moisture…and a score of twenty-four. Now he was in front.

She was feeling tired and sent him a message.

It’s late here so I’m signing off. Will play again tomorrow.

Don’t go, just a couple of more words.

She played…face…using his ‘e’ for a score of thirty.

Maybe I should have let you go. He wrote.


Are you married or do you live alone?

She wasn’t sure if she should answer. But he was in the US. What did it matter?

I live alone.


What do you mean, bingo?

My mistake, was talking to my buddy. Here is my last word.

He played…raped…using his ‘r’ in moisture.

She slammed her Ipad shut, then opened it again, sending a message to her friend.

Think you were right. He is creepy, about to resign. See you tomorrow.

Good!!! Sleep well.

She resigned the game and shut her Ipad down. But it was still connected to wifi. As she switched out her light a car rolled to a

standstill beside the tree on her footpath. Its lights were out. Inside a scanner beeped with growing intensity.

Do you want the knife Morris?

Yes, and the ropes.

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