The Poet Prince by Kathleen McGowan

In the third installment of the Magdalene Trilogy, Kathleen McGowan takes us on a journey of spiritual discovery via the Renaissance and the maxim,  ‘Art Will Save the World.’

The book opens with the story of Saint Felecitas and the death of her seven sons.  We learn the difference between true martyrdom and fanaticism, of which we see so much today, as Maureen Paschal and Berenger Sinclair continue their battle against forces intent on destroying the ancient prophecy of the Poet Prince and his Expected One.

Kathleen introduces us to Tuscany through the eyes of the Medici Family, seamlessly transitioning between the 15th Century and present day. We meet Cosimo de Medici, the Pater Patriae…Patron of the arts, statesman, and grandfather to Lorenzo. Like Maureen, the reader will fall in love with Lorenzo de Medici, il Magnifico…his passion for the arts, his kindness, his poet heart, and his beautiful Expected One, Colombina.

Discover the teachings of the Libro Rosso – the copy of Jesus’s gospel…the Book of Love and the secret society Order of the Holy Specular.

Be there on the page with Cosimo and Good King Rene as they recite the tenet from the Order’s teachings …For while God Provides us with the outline of our destiny…He also gives us the free will to fulfill that destiny—or not.

With the help of Destino, a spiritual teacher, Maureen and Berenger decode the clues left for those with eyes to see, within the Renaissance Masterpieces. Artists such as Botticelli, Donatello, Michelangelo… gifted artists known as the Angelics who flourished within the Medici school.

Discover the promise made by Giovanni, Lorenzo de Medici’s son and Giulio his nephew…a carefully instigated promise, years in the making. A promise given to Lorenzo on his deathbed…a promise that would change the face of the Catholic Church—A promise carried out by Pope Leo X and the secret society of The Order of the Specular.

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