The Sunnyvale Girls by Fiona Palmer

Three generations of Stewart family women, Maggie the matriarch, her daughter Toni and Toni’s daughter Felicity live on a wheat and sheep property in outback Western Australia.

The chance find by Felicity of a concealed box will shatter Toni’s core beliefs. Can she come to terms with these changes or will she be estranged from her mother Maggie, forever.

And Maggie lost in her days as a seventeen year old, wonders, is she too late.

Then there is Jimmy, Jimmy with the blond hair and jade green eyes…

We see the beauty of the bush through Maggie’s eyes and the resilience of all three women through their character and emotional connection with these life changing events.

High up in the lush Umbrian countryside where the skies are a soft blue and the view across the ridges are of patchwork paddocks Toni and Felicity begin a quest to find answers.

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