Flash Fiction

What is Flash Fiction?  A style of fictional writing of extreme brevity. We keep our characters to a minimum.  The art of good Flash Fiction is to deliver a subtle message in the least amount of words.

  • This Day

    The boys were fighting again, taunting one another in the back seat. She went to yell but couldn’t find the […]

  • Magic Orbs

    She scurried back to the bus as the rain began to fall. All day they’d been dodging rain showers…at Glencar […]

  • Anne, by the Grace of God

    She was imposing, terrifyingly beautiful. She struck dread and fear into the hearts of all who served her and those […]

  • Kill them All

    People say ‘it’s relative’. Do we know what that means? Relative to what? Relative to our situation. Relative to where […]

  • The Game

    Rain battered the tin roof filling the gutters in seconds. Sheets of water flowed on to the verandah. She sat […]

  • The Purple Hack

    Monday morning dawned wet cold and miserable. Great claps of thunder reverberated through the house. Forked lightning cracked and tore […]

  • The Sentinels

    She lay on the grass, looking up, her camera clicking with precision and measured thought. She rolled to the left, […]

  • What is Flash Fiction?

    Flash fiction is a shorter form of writing than a short story and is becoming popular reading for time poor […]

  • Anzacs

    ‘I thought I might cook some Anzacs to take on the cruise,’ I announced early one morning. ‘What! Don’t you think […]

  • The Smuggler

    There he goes again, that’s the second time today; him in his huge flashy boat.  He hasn’t always owned this […]

  • Andouillette

    We drove the length and breadth of Italy and France, a degustation of our senses. The joy of producing our […]

  • The Walk

    The day began with a gentle warm zephyr blowing off the ocean. It was Hannah’s day; a day of celebration […]