• A Tyrant’s Demise

    His face contorted in fury. Nose to nose they glared. ‘How dare you question my authority.’ he roared. No one […]

  • Hummingbird

    Oh, hummingbird Mankind was waiting for you to come flying along, Heavenly songbird We were so wrong; we’ve harmed you, […]

  • Scorpion

    They said they came in peace…Janissaries of Suleiman the Magnificent. They brought a gift…a gift for Shah Tahmasp…a hand woven […]

  • Family

    She lay with her eyes closed…cocooned in a world of blurry vision and limited hearing…her mind remained alert. In the […]

  • The Other Realm

    She was called Ira…the watchful one. Her eyes deep blue…. her silvery mane flowed down her back. When she ran, […]

  • What is Flash Fiction?

    Flash fiction is a shorter form of writing than a short story and is becoming popular reading for time poor […]

  • Anzacs

    ‘I thought I might cook some Anzacs to take on the cruise,’ I announced early one morning. ‘What! Don’t you think […]

  • The Smuggler

    There he goes again, that’s the second time today; him in his huge flashy boat.  He hasn’t always owned this […]

  • Andouillette

    We drove the length and breadth of Italy and France, a degustation of our senses. The joy of producing our […]

  • The Walk

    The day began with a gentle warm zephyr blowing off the ocean. It was Hannah’s day; a day of celebration […]

  • Christmas in Nymboida

    Once upon a time in a small village called Nymboida there lived two children, Dorothea Rosebery and Herbert Jethro. Dorothea […]

  • Coochie Chronicles

    It was Christmas break. Michael and Emmanuel were off to spend a couple of days camping and fishing on Coochiemudlo […]

  • Tales of Yarrahapinni

    ‘Walala!’ called Kuddtji. Walala stood before his tribe; his only clothing a bark belt from which hung his axe and […]