Micro Fiction

Micro Fiction, by nature, is defiant. It defies length, boundaries, and expectations. But tight, provocative fiction requires analysis and editing. Taking an idea and distilling it into a ‘micro’-cosm of its original self is challenging.

As written by Camille Renshaw in her article ‘The Essentials of Micro-Fiction.


  • My Nest

    I have made a nest…big fluffy feather pillows, white crisp sheets, light downy quilt on a bed of clouds. Picture […]

  • My Landscape

    How does one define the landscape when the ocean is their all-encompassing view?   Today the waves dance like a […]

  • Life’s Moments

    It is inconceivable that a place, a time, an event, a piece of music which fills us with transformational emotions, […]

  • Les Chaussures

    The shop was perfect…small and intimate. The plaque at the entrance to the arcade, was dated 1924. Polished timber floors, […]

  • Freedom

    She sits slumped against the window of her castle tower. Loose strands of golden locks frame her face. Her eyes, […]

  • The Greatest Game of All

    Months passed uneventful. A tiresome replay of yesterday and tomorrow. A twenty-first century ground hog day. The scorching humid months […]

  • The Goddess Flora

    Her colour and her beauty left me breathless.  She was passionate, an artist, a poet, a sculptor. People came to […]

  • AB

    The time had come for her to tell her story…to debunk the lies of the last four hundred and eight-two […]

  • The Druid’s Stone

    The weather is cold and harsh, here, in the paddock. The winds blow constantly…south-westerlies from the North Atlantic. The rain […]

  • Alone

    Lightning flashed, zigzagging across clouded skies. Seconds later thunder cracked and sizzled.  The house trembled. I sat on the verandah […]

  • An Amber Alert

    Come away, O human child To the waters and the wild With a faery, hand in hand For the world’s […]

  • An Authentic Writer

    ‘Good advice is like a tight glove; it fits some circumstances and it does not fit others.’   ‘Israel? Do […]

  • Pay It Forward

    ‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.’   They shared a park bench. He smiled…said hello…silence. He searched […]

  • The Braggart

    ‘When I toss pebbles in a puddle, she throws boulders in the ocean!’   I say I visited Rome. She […]

  • The Bride’s Choice

    Outside a kookaburra laughed heartily. Today was her day. She recalled his proposal. Sweet and beautiful…they were meant for each […]

  • The Discarded Bouquet

    Flowers lay scattered across the lawn. The tulips face up, mouths open, like fish out of water. Inside the church, […]

  • The Ghost Town

    We were the animals in the zoo, locked in, forbidden to roam free. This was their home…once a thriving mining […]

  • The Land Down Under

    I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains Of ragged mountain ranges Of droughts and flooding rains I […]

  • The Lesson

    In the 21st Century is poverty still the parent of revolution and crime? She put the chalk down and turned […]

  • The Monarchs

    She died knowing her family was safe. Hidden deep within the forest foliage her body lay undetected, decomposing in its […]

  • The Return cont.

    Twelve months had passed since Niccoli sailed from Zeeland aboard Sussex. Lisbeth, six months pregnant had stood on this same […]

  • The Return

    The high city walls created a funnel for the cold winter wind. She pulled her cloak closed as she passed […]

  • The Room

    She pulled her jumper over her nose and held her breath. She wanted to be outside in the clean fresh […]

  • The Visitor

    ‘As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.’ Leonardo de Vinci Her eyes are […]

  • The Word Club

    ‘Frances you’re turn,’ James said. Grey-haired, elegant…her green eyes twinkled. The group waited expectantly. ‘He was a politician, his honesty […]

  • Unhinged

    His message, while in the public domain, was clear…she got it…he would be there. She remembered his words…spoken long ago, […]

  • Friends

    You had me at…I hate that bitch too. The crashing waves and Phoebe’s quiet sobs were all that broke the […]

  • Cassandra’s Race to Learn

    The sun sparkled on a calm ocean. She perched on a sand dune, watching. ‘He’s not your type.’ ‘What do […]

  • Nature’s Greatest Secret

    Not for your sake was the world generated—but you were born for its sake…Iamblichus. Our search for knowledge and the […]

  • The Stolen Gift of Fairy Sight

    She danced to the music of the piper as he played his tune beside the fire. Feathered winds lifted her […]

  • The Penny Story

    ‘A penny for your thoughts,’ he said. ‘Did you know pennies are walked on, walked over, forgotten, worthless? Are my […]

  • Reflections

    The waves arched their back, rolled and crashed leaving a dirty brown froth along the beach. She zipped up her […]

  • The Chameleon

    She had a secret. It belonged to him and her. She hid it in the chambers of her heart, cherishing […]

  • An Evening Stroll

    The sky was dusty red as the sun took its last gasp for the evening. Ruth and Margaret hadn’t intended […]

  • The Terrace

    The Villa’s lights lit the night sky…music drifted on the wind. She stepped from the car, closed her eyes, stilled […]

  • The Connection

    She emptied her mind, leaving only thoughts of him. This was their place, their secret forest. Here she hoped to […]

  • Nelson’s Touch

    October 21st 1805 – Shortly after dawn the British Fleet advanced in two columns. Admiral Nelson sent a signal to […]

  • Birth of the Seasons

    Hades broke through the ground driving a chariot of black horses. He seized Persephone from the garden and fled back […]

  • Zio

    Her long red hair was unkempt. Her deep-throated moan reverberated off the wall. Her eyes held mine. They reached into […]

  • A Tyrant’s Demise

    His face contorted in fury. Nose to nose they glared. ‘How dare you question my authority.’ he roared. No one […]

  • Hummingbird

    Oh, hummingbird Mankind was waiting for you to come flying along, Heavenly songbird We were so wrong; we’ve harmed you, […]

  • Scorpion

    They said they came in peace…Janissaries of Suleiman the Magnificent. They brought a gift…a gift for Shah Tahmasp…a hand woven […]

  • Family

    She lay with her eyes closed…cocooned in a world of blurry vision and limited hearing…her mind remained alert. In the […]

  • The Other Realm

    She was called Ira…the watchful one. Her eyes deep blue…. her silvery mane flowed down her back. When she ran, […]